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Ghost Train to Nowhere

Lost Dogs, from the album Gift Horse

It's a sinners dream when the whistle screams
Calling "All aboard you fools and hard-hearted"
Ever circling back on a one way track
They pull into the station where they started
Some arriving when they think they've just departed
But they're not going anywhere
Lost souls when they've landed there choose to stay like prisoners unguarded
All hope is abandoned here 'cause they know the engineer
Ghost Train to Nowhere

They pass a thousand concrete pillars and never see a single tree
Grey sky eyes begging for a little sleep
Down the same dark tunnels past the same empty streets
The cigarette smoke chokes, the coffee's weak
And they cry "oh..."

It's a funeral pyre belching smoke and fire
All luxeries, amenities discarded
It circles back on a one way track
Pulling into the station where where it started
Ghost Train to Nowhere...

They search eternal winter landscapes
For images of loved ones and home
Though every seat and aisle is crowded
They have never felt so all alone
While suffering is assured and silence is preferred
Most everybody weeps though they don't speak a word
They just cry "oh..."
They sigh..."o-o-h-h..."

Blogger Scott

The harmonies on that song are impressive. Good work Vic.

11:19 AM  
Blogger victorious

The song was too haunting for a normal Lost Dogs record to that point. It really sets the tone for the album, since it's nearly completely Terry's.

The song's lyrics are full of paradox, but yet this sadness, that comes through in all the "oh's....." ending each verse....sounding like train whistles, all four voices of the group, really carry the freight.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Rebel

"Lost souls when they've landed there choose to stay like prisoners unguarded"...for me this lyric is a sad reminder about the way many times we remain a slave to own sin and shortcomings because we have forgotten about the power that we possess to choose to change....those Lost Dogs are so good!

8:35 PM  

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