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The tagline of this blog doesn't really capture it's intended message.
I now submit, this blog about lyrics...good ones, bad ones...to the World Wide Weblog.
Simply posting them with no commentary, their only qualification,..... to make me stop singing and listen. I always sing along with the songs I love (and sometimes hate,... getting the jingle "Wanna Fanta?" stuck in my head, is what has inspired this site.....)
.....but when its really worth the time to listen, is when I'm moved. So, occasionally, I'll post here, with a lyric or two, that really catches my ear.

Hopefully, jingle-free.

With strong effort and wasted resources, I may even get a real domain with a dedicated server, and really see how this takes off.....or "dot com" crashes.

Respond if you'd like, clarify and lend your interpretations, laugh and ridicule the horrid submissions, as well.....Just read and listen.

Blogger victorious

So, I seek a comment system, far more worthy than Blogger's....perhaps HaloScan or some other, with definite easy access....Anonymous is for CIA agents.

A unique template...might be in the works. Is W-Identity still around?
I'll try to maintain a consistent format in posting lyrics, with album artwork, and some form of credit to musicians and writers....link to song previews when I can, and generally seek lyrics worth conversing about.

Wanna be a member of the team and help me post a lyric or two...let me know via email...and I'll add you on, giving you access to this blog....No Interns, please!
Just send a resume, commentary regarding the lyrics of Petey Pablo or your fav Southern Rap Artist, and proof of your hatred for B.B King....

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